About The Pleasanton Chapter

National Charity League, Inc.,® is a group of mothers and daughters working together to improve our community.  The Pleasanton Chapter, founded in 2000, is part of the larger National Organization.  This is a six-year program designed to help young women grow into responsible members of society through providing them a series of cultural, leadership and philanthropic experiences.

The Membership application process begins early each calendar year.  With sponsorship from an Active Member, mothers can apply for membership in the daughter’s 6th, 7th or 8th grade year.  The first year of Membership is spent as Provisional status.  Upon fulfilling the initial requirements, both mother and daughter are granted Active Membership for their second year.

Participating in the different philanthropic opportunities provides the girls involved documentation of community service for college applications, as well as a variety of experiences enabling each to become more well-rounded.  It also provides mothers and daughters a wonderful bonding opportunity at a pivotal period in a young woman’s life.

Do you have fun?

Yes! There are many opportunities for moms and daughters to meet new people, have unique cultural and leadership experiences and engage in meaningful charitable activities all while having a good time.